Cleaning up the pc

  maltose 11 Jun 12

I have used Ccleaner for many years. However a test run of speedmaxpc claimed to have detected many more errors. I removed speedmaxpc once it had completed its diagnosis but is Ccleaner no longer enough?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11 Jun 12

Ccleaner is a good safe cleaner

Alot of these so called speed enhances can do more harm than good when cleaning the registry etc.

add enhancer to CCleaner for better effects that still leaves the system safe.

  john bunyan 11 Jun 12

If you are referring to registry cleaning, I would leave it to CCleaner only. Others often show more, but can cause difficulties. See many previous threads.

  spuds 11 Jun 12

I have tested many 'tweaking and clean-up' programs, and all that were tested had there own suspect way of doing things, especially when they find far more that other programs, with the attempt that you upgraded to a better paid-up version.

CCleaner is by far one of the best freebies, and the registry cleaning part is good and safe.

Fruit Bat, I have just made two attempts to download CC Enhancer, and all I seem to get is 'Application Error' after trying Run to load the program. Do you have any suggestions?.

  maltose 11 Jun 12

Thanks folks. I will stay with CCleaner

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11 Jun 12

Try direct From the makers here

  spuds 11 Jun 12

Apologies to maltose for hijacking the thread.

Fruit Bat, the problem would appear to be due to NET Framework after doing a Google search. I have downloaded latest version with latest updates. I have tried the download from the two links you have supplied, plus one via MajorGeeks. All attempts on Run are giving application error messages. My problem, so I will look into it further.

Apologies once again to all.


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