Cleaning Ink cartridge when work set routine fails

  porridge 21:44 12 Aug 04

Can anyone advise how one can clean a cartridge manually? I have tried the routine which HP gives us, and tried all the steps but am still getting grey shadowy print out despite the fact that it is a new cartridge. I seem to remember having read about dipping in hot water but am loth to try that until I get some advice.

Many thanks in advance


My printer is an HP 960C

  daxian 22:24 12 Aug 04

hi porridge....
if it is a new cartridge it will not need cleaning,dipping in hot water is only really to free dried out carts .
if you have just bought a new cart and it dont work take it back and get it replaced .
with HP carts the print head is built in to the cart and manually cleaning the jets is not advised as you can damage them .
are you sure that your printer is not set to grayscale in printer properties ?

  woodchip 22:33 12 Aug 04

It may need a new Head if it as a separate one

  porridge 08:51 13 Aug 04

The cartridge is new, but has been in my possession for several months. I no longer have the receipt of purchase, so taking it back is not an option. So, if you know how to do the hot water thing please tell me what to do.



PS Woodchip: it does not have a separate head.

  jack 12:24 13 Aug 04

Not much to be done with 'head in cart'
Do check machine settings computer composition program and print program -plenty of room for mis clicked buttons there, draft/greyscale what ever.
If the cart has been around for a while even if not used treat as an old cart - they do have a 'shelf life'
If you refill -put an empty syringe to the refill hole/s and give a few pumps

  porridge 13:26 13 Aug 04

Thanks for your reaction. I had already chec ked all settings and all were in order. This has been confirmed by the fact that when I put in another new cartridge it worked like a charm. Your remarks on refilling do not apply.


  jack 13:57 13 Aug 04

When it is a Seagate Barracuda 200 Gb HDD it seems.
Having taken delivery of one of the above and intallled it as an external drive, on setting up the drive details listed 186 Gb available.
This prompted a E-mail to retailer querying the drive? Is it Faulty? Shall I return it etc.,

However whilst poking around Seagates web site
I found that a 200 Gb drive does indeed deliver
Then may I enquire is it billed as a 200Gb?
What is wrong in labelling devices with their actual delivery performance?.

  jack 14:03 13 Aug 04

When it is a Seagate Barrcuda 200 Gb HDD it seems.
Having taken delivery of such a drive on installation the system showed 186 Gb available.
This prompted a mail to the vendor qurying this and is it faulty etc.
However on poking around the Seagate website I discovered that a '200Gb' drive does indeed deliver 186Gb
Why then call it a 200 Gb?
and not a 186 Gb, what it actually delivers?
Mis selling?
Miss description perhaps?

  porridge 21:44 13 Aug 04


  Dipso 21:55 13 Aug 04

I have done the hot water thing with an old cartridge that had dried up through lack of use. I can't guarantee it will work on a new one but, basically, I just poured some hot water on to a piece of kitchen towel and sat the cart on it for a while. The ink starts to bleed out. Dry it thoroughly and test it.

The other way is to use some cartridge flush eg. Jet tec's and pour some into a saucer or similar and sit the cart in that for a while. Again the ink should start to bleed out.

You should be careful however that you don't damage the heads when doing the above.

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