Cleaning a fabric mouse mat

  adam32 16:54 29 Mar 11

I use a "Razer Goliathus" mouse mat which could use a wash. The company's website had no info about this, so is there a recommended substance and method to use? I don't want to use the wrong thing and have to replace it (they aren't that cheap).

  lotvic 00:54 30 Mar 11

You can use a damp cloth to clean it.

  mole44 04:48 30 Mar 11

If its a hard surface have you tried something like glass cleaner,also clean under your mouse as well.

  carver 06:41 30 Mar 11

Just do what lotvic has suggested but give it a quick brush first to get rid of any grit or dirt.

  adam32 15:32 30 Mar 11

OK, thanks. Though I doubt if water alone will be enough.

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