Clean reinstall Win98SE hangs at c:\> after....

  Boluwd 22:16 06 Apr 04

I have reformatted and installed Win98SE on my pc including the updates on the new windows disc and on the Widows website. After installing McAfee Virus Scan 7 Professional and updated on their website I am having freezeups just after the bootscan, where you have the Summary Report on c:\*.*. A list of files scanned, clean etc is shown followed by c:\>. This should be followed by Windows GUI opening up to the desktop. However, mine just hangs forever at c:\>.

The only way to boot to desktop is by starting in Safe Mode, OR, unchecking the following line in Autoexec.bat file

"C:\Progra~1|Common~1\Network~1\Viruss~1\40~1XX\scanpm.exe c:\".

Unfortunately, this also disables the automatic bootscan at startup. Has anyone seen this problem before? Or indeed is it a problem at all not having bootscan?

  hugh-265156 00:11 07 Apr 04

i have not used either McAfee or windows 98 but i would untick this option if its causing problems for you.

enable quick boot in your bios if its available and disable any virus scaning at boot and just run a full check as normal whenever you update you AV. from within windows maybe.

  Boluwd 19:22 07 Apr 04

Thanks for your reply. I have enabled quickboot and I've unchecked the line in Autoexec.bat

It's just weird because it was ok before the reformat. I tried to send a message to McAfee technical last night by pressing their "send e mail now" button......don't know if it worked or not. I'll find out (or not) soon enough.

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