Clean reinstall of w7 oem

  sputnick 15 May 11

I have always build my own PC`s and used retail O/S. If a pc is bought from new and has a oem O/S is it possible to do a reinstall if it goes bad. I`m still thinking of getting a retail O/S though .

  bremner 15 May 11


The Product key will be on the MS sticker on the machine.

  Strawballs 15 May 11

The only difference between them is an OEM dies with the machine and retail you can transfer from machine to machine as long as only on one at a time (unless multi licence)

  robin_x 15 May 11

Most OEM pre-installed machines have recovery partitions containing OS/drivers and free apps (bloatware). Though the apps are useful for many.

And they offer to make a set of DVDs with the same.

Often referred to as Factory (or System) Restore (or Recovery)

While the DVDs (and boot CD/DVD) should be considered essential emergency supplies, it is more convenient to set up Windows, install AV and security, browser etc, then make a System Image to an external HDD.

My cleanish rebuild is taking just 20 mins to USB 2,0 drive for a complete image. It's a darn sight easier than setting up from completely new.

  sputnick 15 May 11

Thanks all.


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