clean install xp

  denis93c 19:52 16 Nov 04

i am trying to do a clean install of xp home,i am getting message on black screen "PLEASE ENTER PASSWORD"
by the way what is the CORRECT way to do a clean install of windows xp home?

  Gongoozler 19:58 16 Nov 04

Does this help? click here

  Gongoozler 20:02 16 Nov 04

Sorry denis93c, I should have asked - At what stage do you get the "PLEASE ENTER PASSWORD" message? Is it the BIOS password that is being requested? If you are trying to install XP on a computer with an unknown history, it is possible that it is password protected. If that's the case, remove the CMOS battery, of put the CMOS reset link in the "Reset" position for a minute or so to reset the BIOS.

  Danoh 20:17 16 Nov 04

... if you had selected the 2nd of the 3 options available when you boot from the XP CD, you will have initiated Recovery Console which asks for the Administrators password. This is defaulted to nothing, so just press enter.

However, for a fresh, clean install of XP, you want the 1st option which is to install XP. Then as per Gongoozler's link, you would then delete partitions you see and go on to format.

  denis93c 20:23 16 Nov 04

when i boot up with xp disc in drive,and trying f8,and trying holdind delete button,WINDOWS IGNORES ALL AND STARTS UP,whats going on?

  VoG II 20:26 16 Nov 04

You need to set your PC to boot from the CD drive click here

  Danoh 23:16 16 Nov 04

1) Check your BIOS setting does enable booting up from the CD drive before the hard drive. Depending on the make of your PC it could be hitting the "Delete" button before the 1st boot screen, or some other key. What is your PC's make?

2) When 1) is done, you would then be able to boot up from your XP CD. Which then leads you to the F8 screen, to accept the licence agreement.

3) Then the 3 options I mentioned will become available.

Your last long sentence has both the above mentioned but apparently in the wrong sequence. Please expand.

How did you find the step by step descriptions in the links provided for you so far? Are they easy to follow?

  denis93c 00:13 17 Nov 04

got the pc to boot ok,but the cd or f8 key do nothing,cd reads your pc has full windows xp installed,or something like that.
thing is i cannot uninstall windows xp

  User-312386 00:28 17 Nov 04

is it a full XP disc or a restore to factory settings disc?

  denis93c 13:23 17 Nov 04


  Danoh 17:30 17 Nov 04

Step one; check your BIOS Boot setting. How? Depends on who built your PC. As per previous post.

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