Clean Install of Windows ME

  steved99 15:41 16 Dec 05

I have an old laptop (Pacjard Bell 500Mhz processor)which I want to do a clean install of Windows ME on. I don't need to retain any data or software thats already on the hard disk. The objective is to clean it up and get it functional so that my 4 year old nephews can start learning to use a computer. Currently it runs very slowly and may have viruses and spyware on it.

Any help greatly appreciated.

  VoG II 15:44 16 Dec 05
  woodchip 16:21 16 Dec 05

It's Easy to do but do you Have ME disc and Key number? Also what about drivers specific to the Laptop Hardware

  steved99 17:00 16 Dec 05

I have ME disc and key number. How do I find and save any drivers?

  woodchip 17:41 16 Dec 05

Look hear about Driver Detective click here

  steved99 23:25 16 Dec 05

I've taken the plunge and used the FDISK utility as advised by VoG above. Everything seemed ok until I get to the point where I need to restart the computer after deleting partitions. If I restart without the ME boot disk I get the message "Operation System missing". If I reboot with the boot disk in I tried using the command "FORMAT C:/S" to which I get the response "Windows no longer supports this command".

Looking at the information option (4 in FDISK) it now says my SYS is "unknown" (before I started in was FAT32).

What have I done wrong please and how do I proceed? Many thanks.

  Longhouse 23:53 16 Dec 05

Have you set the partition active amd formatted the drive?

  Longhouse 08:15 17 Dec 05

If you've followed the link that VoG™ has give you should have a new partitiion created with fdisk and have set it active.

I suspect that the boot disk you have does not have the file available (the standard windows boot disks don't if I recall).

3 options then:

1. obtain / copy from the comand folder of windows (if you want, I can try to forward by e-mail)

2. boot from a: with cd rom support. change to cd drive (DOS commannd cd e: - or what ever drive letter your cd drive has been asigned by the boot process), then run setup from the CD. Windows should detect that the drive needs to be formatted and carry this out.

3. check BIOS to ensure is set to boot from cd, leave the floppy disk out and boot from cd. Windows install should start and format the drive as the first task.

  Longhouse 08:30 17 Dec 05

"2...(DOS commannd cd e: - or what ever drive letter your cd drive has been asigned by the boot process...."

should read...(at a: prompt type drive letter asigned to cd...e.g. a: e: then enter - or what ever....)....

  steved99 09:24 17 Dec 05

I've already tried running setup from the Windows disk before I sent last nights post.

I've found file on my XP system Is it Ok to use that on what will be an ME drive?

  mgmcc 09:34 17 Dec 05

The FORMAT.COM file on the Windows ME "boot floppy" is in the file. If you have a floppy drive in your XP PC, you can copy the file from the .CAB to the root of "A" drive. It can then be used to format the ME PC's hard drive.

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