Clean and clear all

  1st spring 08:59 27 Mar 09

I would like to know how can I clear all my history emails etc in the PC. I do not mean only what I can see. If and when I no longer have this PC I do not want any info left on it for a third party to see.

Where does the info stay on the hard drive? I leave my external drive on, not sure if I should do this but would my history also go onto that, and should I disconnect it when cleaning up the PC.

  howard64 12:02 27 Mar 09

the only 100% way of removing all your data is to remove the hard drive and fit a new one. A bit extreme but the only way. The next best thing is a reformat and reload of windows. Using the disk clean up tools built into windows might do it but not guaranteed.

  1st spring 20:06 27 Mar 09

Thank you. By removing the hard drive. This means it is pooosible to have a larger one that holds more memory doesn't it?

  tullie 20:17 27 Mar 09

You can install a hard drive that has a bigger capacity,memory is a seperate issue and nothing to do with the drive size.

  Jak_1 22:22 27 Mar 09

Once you have deleted what you want to delete then use CCleaner :

click here

Set it to do a 35 pass clean, then let it do a registry clean and then use it to wipe free space (Best to let it wipe free space overnight). You can then be pretty confident that all sensitive data is irrecoverable.

  citadel 22:37 27 Mar 09

you can use killdisk, it wipes the drive, then reinstall windows if you want.

  1st spring 08:02 28 Mar 09

I have down loaded and cleand with CCleaner. The shop I bought my PC from once told me, all I need is AVG. What do you mean by set it to do a 35 pass clean? How do I do this? Internet/Windows Explorer and System all the boxes have a tick in apart from
Autocomplete from history, I do not know what all the ticks stand for.

  rawprawn 08:07 28 Mar 09

Open Ccleaner> Options> Tick "Secure Deletion" and choose Gutmann 35 from the drop down menu.

  rawprawn 08:11 28 Mar 09

Leave the ticks as they are in default, each tick means that section will be cleaned by the Gutmann 35 method you have just chosen.
Don't play around with the ticks unless you know what you are doing particularly the Advanced section, the default setting is fine and will cause you no trouble

  1st spring 14:52 28 Mar 09

I clicked Secure Deletion and choose Gutmann 35 then closed it. Do I just clean now? It said something about closing Firefox.

Had a word with the PC shop, they said to reformat and reload windows. No surprize I wouldn't have a clue.

  rawprawn 14:59 28 Mar 09

Firefox must be closed to clean it's folders, but yes just click on clean.
What is you reason for the big cleanup operation? is it just to clean up or are you going to give your machine to someone else or scrap it? If the latter is the case then a reformat and reinstall would not be OTT

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