aj316 12:42 12 Oct 03

i have little money, so im making my second pc from old parts. it has windows 98, i wish to completely start again, but i cannot find my windows 98 disc, so i have windows 98 second addition and tried installing this over windows 98, but half way through a message said that i cannot use this i need windows 98 upgrade, what can i do??? all i want to do is start again, any ideas???

  rickf 12:47 12 Oct 03

Have you reformatted it first before 2nd edition install? Try it first this way.

  Jester2K II 12:47 12 Oct 03

If you have the Windows Second Edition CD use that instead to do a clean install. You can't use the Second Edition Cd to install over 98 original.

  Simon_P 12:48 12 Oct 03

you can re-fromat the drive and start from scratch.

click here

  aj316 12:53 12 Oct 03

how do i re-formatt

  pj123 16:31 12 Oct 03

Go to click here and download the bootdisk for win98se. Reboot the computer with the floppy disk in and start with CD support. When you get to the A:\ prompt type in: format c: and press enter. When that has finished, switch off and restart with the boot disk in and again start with CD support. this time when you get to the A:\ prompt put the Win98SE CD in and type in cd\d: (or whatever your cd is) and press enter. When you get the D:\ prompt type setup and press enter. It should now start installing Win 98SE.

  pj123 16:32 12 Oct 03

As an addition you would also need to make sure you have the motherboard disk otherwise windows will find all sorts of new hardware for which it has no drivers.

  aj316 18:49 12 Oct 03

i wish u lot were more ovious as if i click on the link there are loads of other links and nonw say windows 98se


  aj316 18:57 12 Oct 03

ok ive downloaded windows 98se custom

  aj316 19:01 12 Oct 03

on i did as u said and it now comes up, non system disk, help!

  woodchip 19:05 12 Oct 03

Put a clean floppy disc in the computer double click on the download and it will create a 98se Floppy disc

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