CISS - mods any one.?

  jack 14:52 02 Oct 07

Having installed the CISS -and it works fine-
I find that I may have to make some alteration to the line feed routing and way through the case of my R300- to make the travel smoother without snagging.
Any one had to do this?
If so what did you do?

  howard64 19:11 02 Oct 07

not a clue what CISS is but someone else may know

  jack 19:37 02 Oct 07

howard64 wrote
'not a clue what CISS is but someone else may know'
Are you new here Howard?
Continuous Ink Supply System has been raised as a topic frequently these last couple of weeks

click here

click here

Are but two of the many strings- Use the search field for more

  jack 16:41 03 Oct 07


  jack 08:16 04 Oct 07


  €dstowe 08:29 04 Oct 07

Not found any problems with mine. What specific difficulties you are experiencing?

  jack 10:50 04 Oct 07

The system works fine
but getting a clean route for the line out of the machine to the tans with out snagging or staining is the current problem
Initially I cut a small slot in the front of the cover to lead the line through.
But then found the Cart carriage brushed them in passing and caused them to jerk.
So now I am investigating passing them up through the transparent part of the lid thus elevating them slightly to clear the top of the carts
I thought it would be prudent to ask around before submitting the machine to more holes in the casing.;-}

  jack 13:45 05 Oct 07

Fixed it by re siting the retaining clip to the inside of the top cover

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