circut breakers & surge protectors

  in1 16:39 26 Sep 04

with the latest "circut breakers" now used in new house wiring, do we realy need "surge protectors",to protect our p/c from disaster,or am i missing something here,please enlighten me

  Graham ® 17:16 26 Sep 04

Surge protectors guard against 'spikes' of high voltage from, for example, a lightning strike on your mains supply, especially if the route contains overhead cabling.

A circuit breaker is guarding against overload and voltage differences between live, neutral and earth.

  apollogeemark 19:52 26 Sep 04

Could i just ask is it possable to buy a sort of inline device to fit to my ariel to protect it from lightning etc, without using a surge device for computer


  Friday's Child 20:02 26 Sep 04

They're probably not the cheapest but Argos sell a surge protector for ariels built into a booster so your friendly local electrical suppliers should sell one qite cheaply.

  Graham ® 20:14 26 Sep 04

If lightning strikes the aerial, nothing will stop it! If a storm is overhead, unplug everything until it passes.

  Graham ® 20:15 26 Sep 04

Bookmark this to follow storms click here;type=uklightning

  Graham ® 20:17 26 Sep 04

Try again click here

  sattman 20:54 26 Sep 04

I endorse Grahames advice - unplug and dont forget to unplug the telephone if on modem.

  TLzook 21:20 26 Sep 04

Do you have frequent power outages or does your power go off for about 11 sec before being restored?

If so you are almost certainly on an feeder with predominatly overhead conductors and should definatly need surge protection. you might want to think about protection for other equipment as well.
Satalite receivers blow so easily that most regional electricity companies wont pay out for them.

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