Cicking a download is bringing up the progscript?

  Newuser4051 14:30 24 Oct 03

This has suddenly started when I try to download a program. I get pages of what I assume is the actual program script. Never had this before. I run Zone Alarm and AVG. No virus detected'

  Gongoozler 16:56 24 Oct 03

John, can you give us more details. What version of Windows do you have, what version of browser, does this happen on just one download or on all downloads and anything else that you think could help? I still probably won't know the answer but this information just may help someone who does.

  Newuser4051 18:40 24 Oct 03

I am running Windows 98SE and AOL. For an example, I went to download from a music site to which I subscribe and after clicking on a title (MP3) to download I received all this typescript, which was I assume the actual downloading program. This has happened only in the past two days. Tried another site to download a Bible program and the same thing happened - just script!!

  Mike 19:21 24 Oct 03

wait till the page loads fully click save as, dont alter the extension. Works for me don't know why it happens though.

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