Chrysanth NETime, what is it ?

  Channel 10:17 03 Apr 09

I've found the Chrysanth folder in my Application Data, and can't find what it is.Google seems to suggest it's to do with programming, which I don't do.Can I delete it ?

  Stuartli 11:21 03 Apr 09


click here

click here

click here

You've probably installed it at some time and forgotten its purpose.

  Channel 16:44 03 Apr 09

Thanks.I've never needed the diary, nor installed that, and I don't use Internet Explorer.I use Firefox.I don't want Channels, either,but I do subscribe to some RSS feeds on my yahoo home page-via Firefox.I only get news headlines, though.So I'm unsure if I need NETime for that-I suspect not.Perhaps it was downloaded with an RSS feed ? Can I uninstall it ?

  Stuartli 19:58 03 Apr 09

I would presume so - never heard of it before.

Try Add/Remove Programs first to see if its listed, otherwise it could be done from Start>Programs and the program listing if there's an Uninstall feature for it.

  Channel 21:42 03 Apr 09

thanks.It doesn't appear in Add/Remove programs, nor in Start Menu !I'll try and remove it tomorrow, and will let you know.

  Channel 18:14 06 Apr 09

I deleted the folder with no apparent effects;I can still see my RSS feeds on both Firefox and Internet Explorer.job done.

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