Chrome - what have I done????

  JaneAttwood 19 Apr 13

I opened a gmail account. It said I would be better off with Chrome. I tried to make Chrome my browser. Now sometimes when I search it says server error and some links say my browser doesn't support it.

What on earth have I done?

  lotvic 19 Apr 13

Don't panic.

You have installed the browser Chrome. You don't have to use it.

If you were using Internet Explorer before, then just open that and use it.

or if you were using Firefox before, open that and use it.

I have both Internet Explorer and Firefox on my pc, I can use either or both at the same time if I want to (sometimes I want to check how a page displays and see if it looks different in other browser)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19 Apr 13

Go to Control Panel - Add / remove

and uninstall Chrome

  JaneAttwood 19 Apr 13

So why can't I access some links?

And why does the Chrome one say server error?

I think Chrome told me to deinstall some Internet explorer. Should I reinstall?

  lotvic 19 Apr 13

You can't 'deinstall' Internet explorer, if you uninstall IE all that will happen is it will roll back to the previous version. (if you had IE9 it will go back to IE8 - so just update it)

Chrome probably asked you to make it the 'default' browser. Do as Fruit Bat /\0/\ says and uninstall Chrome if you don't want it.

note: 'Default' just means 'use me' as the program of first choice to open and use whenever a link is clicked on - for instance if you clicked on a link in an email.

  matt2000 20 Apr 13

If you want to use IE or FireFox use IE or firefox. Its 6 and two threes. Google tell you to use chrome because they want more share in the browser market. If you want chrome, if all websites say server error add a firewall exeption. Just google how in IE or FF. If its only some sites. They either don't support chrome yet or you're missing a plugin.


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