choosing motherboard and cpu

  jambolleo 11:21 17 Oct 08

I have a Fujitsu siemens pc(2 years old) which has a motherbord and cpu that dont work. A well known PC repair center had diagnosed the prob and wanted close to £250 to repair it which is why I would prefer to do it myself and hopfully use the money to up grade both if possible. But I am unsure of compatability with the rest of the existing working parts I am not up to speed with the ins and outs of selecting parts
The only info I have on it is that the model is a Scaleo P A64 3 and that its a A64-3200+.
The power suply has 350 watt out put.
The HDD is 250g
It has 2x 512MB DDR
Graphics card geforce 6200se (which may also need up grading)

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