Choosing External hard drive : 3.5 or 2.5?

  John Ross 19:43 14 Jan 06

Iam looking to buy a ready made external hard drive, for backup of 15Gb of data on a regular basis,
I may use it across 3 or more computers and a network also.
would it be wise to get a 3.5 inch model, or are the advantages over the 2.5 inch models minimal? On paper the 3.5 inch seem much quicker and I guess there may be reliability issues? If these differences are minimal then I guess the 2.5inch is better as smaller / more portable / more easily hid form theives etc?
also, firewire or USB 2?
thank you!

  woodchip 20:41 14 Jan 06

Get a Full size Hard Drive a USB one formatted as Fat32 so Win98se and NTFS can all read it as Fat32

  mgmcc 20:53 14 Jan 06

<<< firewire or USB 2? >>>

Although USB 2.0 has a nominal data transfer speed of 480Mbps compared to Firewire's 400Mbps, in practice Firewire is the faster technology. However, a USB connection might be more versatile should you want to use the drive with different computers.

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