Choice of channel in busy area.

  nick_j007 17 Mar 11

Using inSSIDER 2.0 software on my XP laptop I can detect 9 wireless channels including my own.

The channels used are:

6 (mine)

My network is regularly being 'knocked off' and I wait for it to reconnect.

I can set my own channels to Auto, or from 1-13.

Looking at the above, what number would you advise please? Presumably avoiding the currently used channels.



  proudfoot 17 Mar 11

Having suffered a similar problem with my wife's laptop, I changed our system from the default channel 6 to 11. Since all has been fine.
I suggest any channel as far away from the ones on the list should be OK.

  nick_j007 17 Mar 11

Thank you. I'm now on 11 and I'll see how it goes for a while.


  nick_j007 21 Mar 11

I've been running on Ch 12 for a week or so and it seems a similar experience (regular interruptions) also my 2 laptops and mobile phone oh and the PS3 are all not now connecting to the net work since the change of I missing something, or should they all adapt without fuss?

I'm considering changing routers from the existing 3Com 3CRWE754G72 to a new all dancing Draytec here: click here

Is that a false move I wonder?

Ran a few speed tests last week and I seem to get 3.2 Mbps Download and 0.3/4 Upload. This sounds ok?

  mgmcc 21 Mar 11

In some countries (but not the UK), the use of Channels 12 and 13 is not legal. Because of this, some Wireless Network Adapters are designed not to connect to these channels and this is almost certainly why you've been unable to connect. Try "11" which many routers use as the default channel.

  nick_j007 21 Mar 11

My goodness...why do they give me the chance then?!

Thank you for that important bit of information.


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