Chnage the name of a group of images

  beastieboy 13:19 02 Apr 03


Does andyone know how to rename a load of jpegs from say aj-503.jpg to aj/503.jpg.

Please help.

Many thanks,

Janusz Jasinski

  Megatyte 13:25 02 Apr 03

You can not use the following characters in a filename.


  beastieboy 13:27 02 Apr 03

I know... o.k then..

If I have 100 images that start with: pic, but want to change it to: image, then how do I do this all at once?



  Megatyte 13:31 02 Apr 03

As far as I know, you can't. Maybe someone out there will prove me wrong. :o)


  cherria 13:32 02 Apr 03

click here=

one of these should do the trick for you.

  beastieboy 13:34 02 Apr 03

Will look at these.

Nice one.

  Megatyte 13:37 02 Apr 03

Well whaddya know!! ;o)

  scotty 13:37 02 Apr 03

You can change names using DOS. Use command -

REN c:\yourdirectory\pic*.jpg image*.jpg

  cherria 14:13 02 Apr 03

nice try but it doesn't work. dos does not remember the value assigned to the * wildcard.

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