CHKDSK rsults in orphaned files being reunited

  Joe G 01:03 AM 14 Oct 11

After returning from holiday my laptop (running Vista) advised me that I needed to run CHKDSK (someone else had been using the laptop while I was away but had ignored this). This resulted in a large number of orphaned files being reinstated presumably to their parents. Is this something to be concerned about. I've updated Avira Free and run Malwarebytes and there are no reported problems and everything seems ok but want to delete old restore points as Vista is clogging HD and I need to clear some space one I know it is ok


  Zeppelyn 01:24 AM 14 Oct 11

Nothing to worry about, its just Checkdisk doing what its supposed to do. Probably as a result of the laptop not being shutdown properly while some programs were running that affected the data.

  Joe G 12:56 PM 14 Oct 11

Thanks for the reassurance - a very likely cause as my battery will no longer charge and the laptop is sometimes accidently unplugged before it has shut down properly.


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