Chime every 1min 45 seconds

  RDG 13:58 10 Sep 05

My system running Win Xp plays a chime every 1 min 45 seconds despite Sounds being turned off and no programs running. This is obviously very annoying if I play a CD !!

It does not appear to be Internet motivated. Nothing detected on Firewall

Grateful for any suggestions ?


  ACOLYTE 14:00 10 Sep 05

A chime? im not sure unless you have an alarm clock app or somthing,are you sure its not the bios(pc speaker) thats beeping?.

  RDG 14:19 10 Sep 05


It's a definite chime which can be muted through the Master Volume/Wave control ?

  johnnyrocker 14:21 10 Sep 05

do you have mailwasher?


  User-312386 14:21 10 Sep 05

By any chance is it a "Ding Dong" "Chime"

Like a rather low pitched one?

  RDG 14:47 10 Sep 05

jonnyrocker and madboy33

Thanks for your replies. No I don't have a Mailwasher and the Chime is a Single stroke "Bong"

Any ideas ?

  ACOLYTE 14:48 10 Sep 05

Is it the error sound windows makes? i dunno just trying to narrow the field a tad).

  ACOLYTE 14:48 10 Sep 05

You could always remove all the system sounds and put them back 1 by 1 till you get the sound.

  johnnyrocker 14:52 10 Sep 05

sounds like an error warning, have a look in the event logs see if anything shows up regular.


  walesrob 15:01 10 Sep 05

I get something similiar, a flute sound, like mail has arrived, its annoying to say the least. I looked in Event Viewer in Admin Tools, but nothing obvious.

  RDG 16:17 10 Sep 05

Walesrob, That's exactly what it sounds like but I can't locate what is causing it.

I am now wondering if it is a temperature alarm from the BIOS but it doesn't match the windows sound !

Nothing is showing up in the Event logs.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


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