Chillblast - as good as they seem?

  Joe G 05 Feb 12

I'm getting a new PC and from reviews I have read it seems that Chillblast are a good company to deal with and their PCs are good too. I'm thinking of the Neutrino model with added Asus soundcard and Radeon 512 Graphics card - would this be a good buy? Does anyone have a Chillblast PC and if so is it meeting expectations?

The model I'm thinking of is here. Main use will be for composing music with a bit of gaming (not the latest games - too tight to buy them!)


  KRONOS the First 05 Feb 12
  Woolwell 05 Feb 12

I have a Chillblast pc for about 3 weeks. Talked through the specs before ordering with a very helpful sales person.

PC arrived in 7 days but I did not get any notification from Chillblast that it was on the way. First thing that I knew about delivery was an e-mail from the courier company the day before. It was fortunate that I was in on the delivery day.

Worked first time and hasn't blinked so far. Build quality seems good.

They supplied OEM Windows disc but very little else unless you had ordered it eg no blu-ray/dvd writing apart from built into Windows. Motherboard manual, graphics card drivers also supplied.

So far I am pleased.

  Joe G 05 Feb 12

Thanks - that sounds promising - I have emailed them today to find out if music creation software comes with the ASUS soundcard I fancy - it should have LE versions of Ableton, Sonar and Dimension with it. Otherwise I may go for a Soundblaster card as they have inbuilt soundfonts which are useful - though I have heard that some SB cards have problems with Win 7.


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