Chillblast Fusion Orb Specs

  bald eagle1 28 Dec 12

Just rejoined PC Advisor Forums after a few years out and planning to buy a new PC. Not sure if this is the correct forum but let's try. Been buying PC Advisor for a while now after a year out and was liking the review on the Chillblast Fusion Orb in the last issue. I have looked at ordering only to find many of the items included in the review are not included in the same machine when ordering from the website. Is this usual for a manufacturer to send a higher spec machine for review then hope any buyers don't actually notice? I think it's a cheek having the 'PC Advisor recommended' in their advert when selling a different machine. Would be interested in feedback. PS I think I will now buy any other machine except this one due to this misleading advertising.

  Chronos the 2nd 28 Dec 12

As you will see the Chillblast Fusion Orb can be customised,Chilblast. So it is highly likely that the specs in the reviewed PC were not quite the same as the one one the page.

  bald eagle1 28 Dec 12

Maybe. But the base price is the same price as the unit reviewed by PC Advisor so I'd assume it should be the same machine and spec?

  nickf 28 Dec 12

You will find that most of the system builders like Chillblast , PC specialist , Scan , etc will update the specs on there systems to maintain a price point , rather than a performance spec . It also cuts the other way sometimes ( tho rarely ! ) that the spec is higher due to a lower price on a component .


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