Cheers to All

  PCUSER2 11:30 08 Aug 04

Hi All
Just Like to take time out to sincely thank all
of you guys/gals for helping out, it is wonderful
to see people like yourselves helping others/sharing&learning in this information age long gone is the industrial one so a Big thanks & Cheers.
And now another ?
Ok Im trying to get rid of some installed programes I dont want anymore so I go to Add/Remove programes and click on remove but an error comes up cant locate file i have quite a few of these how can I find them or get rid of them?
your help as always Appreciated

  Forum Editor 11:42 08 Aug 04

if you have moved the folder that contains the necessary uninstall files, or if the software itself hasn't installed the files. It often happens with Freeware or software from independent developers, and in such cases it's a question of rooting through your program folders and deleting stuff manually.

If you feel comfortable in the registry you can run a search for keys thay relate to the program and delete those too, but make sure you back up the registry first. If you don't know how to do that, come back here for more help.

  Smiler 11:51 08 Aug 04

It's nice to have someone appreciate our efforts ad take the time to say so. Can't help with your present problem but it might be better if you posted a separate thread with a suitable thread title though.

  hugh-265156 15:40 08 Aug 04

to remove entries from add remove programs where the program has already been removed or is proving diffiucult to remove, try this:

first make a restore point just in case then, right click your start button/explore and have a look in c:\program files for any folders relating to the item you wish to remove and delete them.

next click start/run and type 'regedit' and click ok. click 'my computer' then 'file/export' and save to a location of your choosing. this will create a backup of your registry, click on this saved .reg file to restore anything you have removed.

once all backed up, navigate to the following reg key 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall'

expand this key to see all the software that will be displayed in add remove programs listed here. check each entry by looking at the information in the right pane under 'Displayname' untill you find the offending software. right click the key in the left pane and choose delete.

restart your computer.

  Graham ® 15:56 08 Aug 04

If a program file has been dragged to the desktop, drag it back into C:/Program Files.

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