Checking NURAM

  ribo 14:08 13 Feb 09

Today I have just started to get this problem.
When I switch on my computer, I get a black screen asking me to press F1 to resume. When I do this the screen says "Checking NURAM" and then starts ok.
Can anyone please tell me what the problem is and how I can rectify this.
As far as I know I have not done anything different. Thanks J

  ribo 14:10 13 Feb 09

Forgot to say I am using XP Home SP3. 2 Gb Ram.

  Quiller. 14:19 13 Feb 09

your cmos battery is low on power. Does it keep the time and date accuratley or does it keep loosing it?

If it does loose it, change the battery.

You could also clear the cmos via the motherboard jumper or take the battery out for 5 minutes to reset the cmos. Another alternative is to load the bios defaults when it asks you to enter setup eg press F1 to continue or ( could be ) F2 to enter setup.

the make and model of the motherboard may help.

  ribo 16:31 13 Feb 09

Thank you very much for your reply.
The cmos battery keeps accurately so I did not consider changing the battery.
I did load the default bios setting, but this did not make any difference.
However. I have been trying to think of what could have happened and I remeber a day or two ago I completly lost my X drive.A restart showed it again.
This is a swoppable Int. HHD. Sata II. I removed this and started the computer, the problem was not there. So I swopped it for another drive and on restart, the problem was not there.
Once I put the original X drive back, the problem reoccurs.
So It must be connected to the X drive.
Does this help anyone to understnad what is the matter. Is it the Drive? Thanks J

  ribo 10:19 14 Feb 09

Has anyone any more suggestions as to what can be the problem. It is a new drive, bought 23th January.If this drive is in the computer,as well as getting the above problem I also get , when closing down a message reading Unclean shutdown.
Even though I have just washed my hands!!!!. J

  ribo 11:54 15 Feb 09

I had a word with EBuyer, They seem to think that the drive may be the cause of this problem,so I am sending it back. I will mark this resolved

  ribo 09:43 23 Feb 09

In case anyone is interested in the outcome of this problem,I have had word from EBuyer. The Drive is faulty and they have sent me a replacement.
The Post should,of course have read.
Checking NVRAM.
As stated elsewhere the Unclean Shutdown is associated with MailWasher Pro, and apparently there is no solution. J

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