A cheapish flat screen monitor

  herc182 12:26 26 Mar 08

Hey all.

been a while since i have been on this forum...

Just looking into a cheap flat screen (LCD i guess) for my monitor. 15 or 17 inch, no bigger.

Ideally under £150.

Anyone recommend one?


  ambra4 12:49 26 Mar 08

Take your pick

click here&

  Forum Member2 13:02 26 Mar 08

shame i have an old one with no ac ADAPTOR

  MAJ 13:12 26 Mar 08

I bought a 17" one from Argos recently as an upgrade to a 15" CRT for an old PC, it cost £100 and is a great little performer. Hre's a 19", a bit larger than you want but it'll give you an idea. click here

  pj123 17:53 26 Mar 08

click here

Take your pick. Lots under your £150.

I just bought the Sense 15.4 HD TV/Monitor.

click here

  MAT ALAN 18:08 26 Mar 08

click here

my choice if i where to buy 17"

  Gongoozler 18:10 26 Mar 08

I have been very pleased with the Acer AL1716 I bought some time ago, and this one is under £100 click here

  herc182 18:14 26 Mar 08

what are the things to look for?

From what i can gather, brightness, viewing angle, response time and resolution are key.

There are so many out there that I cant make heads or tales of them.

What about dead pixels? are they prevalent on some models over others?


  woodchip 18:27 26 Mar 08

One hear if your money will stretch a bit click here

  herc182 12:35 27 Mar 08

also, is there a big difference with VGA or DVI input? If i remember right, the colours are "truer" with the latter...

  woodchip 15:44 27 Mar 08

You will not see no difference, your eye will not detect it

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