Cheap Laptops-Any recommendations?

  buel 09:42 07 Mar 10

my friend wants a cheap laptop and i have advised him that he can probably get a decent one for under £400 or a netbook for under £300.
Has anyone got any recommendations for any laptops for between £300 and £400(or under?)?
Ps-Vista would be fine if he has to!
Thank you in advance-B

  MAJ 10:03 07 Mar 10

I bought a few Dells and Acers, all less than £400 each, over last christmas, Buel, some online and some from Tesco. Everyone seems quite happy with them, although it has only been three months. They're not gaming laptops, so if it's a decent game playing laptop you're looking £400 probably isn't going to cut it. All of the laptops I bought had dual core processors, 3 - 4 GB of RAM, were wireless enabled and had 250 - 320 GB hard drives. Their model numbers have escaped me at the moment, but you should be able to get something similar for the money, check out the respective websites.

  Technotiger 10:03 07 Mar 10

B17 looks a good buy, full size 17" Screen click here

  anniesboy 10:11 07 Mar 10

I have just ordered a laptop from Novatech,I did consider the B17.
Remember their price does not include an operating system.

  steve stifler 10:16 07 Mar 10

had this one about a month..very pleased
click here

  buel 10:26 07 Mar 10

Thank you, all great advice!!
In answer to what type of laptop he wants, he isn't a gamer so just for surfing the net....or, even worse, facebook..Grrrrr!!
Ps- i have grown to quite like Vista once i have disabled the whistles+bells! I feel rather guilty for all the stick i have given it in it's time!!

  buel 10:29 07 Mar 10

Pps- Bearing in mind the reasons he wants a laptop, any recommendations for a lower price category?
Are Intel Celeron processors really that slow, as in:
click here

  MAJ 13:46 07 Mar 10

"Are Intel Celeron processors really that slow, as in:"

For your mate's relatively light usage a dual core celeron would be fine, buel. Be aware though, the one you linked to is a refurbished laptop, it has a 12 month warranty but it could be scratched, have dead pixels or no end of other little niggly things wrong with it. Personally I'm not fussed on E-Machines either.

  northumbria61 13:54 07 Mar 10

click here

Good Spec. plus a Good Price.

  northumbria61 13:58 07 Mar 10

Forgot to say my son got this a few weeks ago and he loves it.

  Technotiger 14:04 07 Mar 10

Same one as steve stifler, above ....

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