Cheap Inkjet Cartridges

  Housten 06 Jun 11

I know this subject has been done to death ( probably several times! ) but I didn't use my Epsom Stylus C70+ for a couple of years so I didn't need cartridges. However I have started using it again and now I need cartridges. I have managed to find where I last got them from and they have 3 sets of the 4 colour cartridges and an additional 3 blacks, 15 cartridges in total for £23.85, including VAT and post. Is this reasonable? It does to me but not having bought any for so long I googled for ‘cheap inkjet cartridges’ and it seemed reasonable, anyone have a different supplier or point of view about this?

PS Anyone having trouble getting on to the site this morning?? I had quite a job, but, obviously, managed it!

  Nontek 06 Jun 11

Yes, that is a very reasonable price. I mostly use Choice stationery compatibles for my Epson, works out at just under £2 per cartridge. I know they can be bought even cheaper, but I am happy with Choice.

  onthelimit1 06 Jun 11

There are so many to choose from, but I use 999 inks

  kjrider 06 Jun 11

I bought a cheap set of inks of Ebay for under a £5 with postage included.


  Housten 06 Jun 11

Many thanks for all your replies! At least it seems I appear to be getting a reasonable deal, which is all that I was hoping for!

If it's not too late, I'd caution against bulk buying of printer cartridges. I know you usually get a good deal but, in my experience, if you leave them lying around for too long, they tend to dry up and/or become slightly unreliable. I now pretty much just keep one complete set as spare. Of course, if you're constantly using the printer, it may be less of an issue.

I use Hornsea, by the way, and have found them good.

  Strawballs 06 Jun 11

If you have not used the printer for 2 yrs you might find any residue ink left in the machine will have dried up blocking the print heads and with Epsom printers that can be a problem as the heads are built in and not in the carts as with some other makes.


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