Chatting to other users on my Home Network ...

  Heefie 18:37 18 May 05

Hi there, anybody got any suggestions for decent software to chat to other users on my home network ?

Windows Messanger is the obvious one to use, but I hear and read so much about it that is derogatory I'm loathe to even give it a try !!!

Obviously something as powerful and fun as MSN Messenger would be great, but I suspect that it's a little OTT and a simple chat window would suffice ...

So, any suggestions ?!?

  mgmcc 20:32 18 May 05

Try Windows "NetMeeting".

In Windows XP, go to "Start > Run" type CONF and click OK. You can call up other network users by entering either the other PC's name or its IP address, but they will probably have to have NetMeeting already running.

  Heefie 23:16 18 May 05

Is it safe or is it up to Microsoft's usual security standards ?!?!?

  mgmcc 10:49 19 May 05

If you are using a software firewall, such as Zone Alarm, you can set it to have "Trusted" access but not "Internet" access. It may need full internet access to set it up initially but then you can restrict it to your network.

I've just tried it with Zone Alarm allowing Trusted access only and it works.

  Heefie 13:42 21 May 05

... I'll give it a go, cheers.

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