Chat room safety

  inspector elf 20:41 04 Apr 04

I go in a chat room but iam not sure some of the people are who they say they are.

Any tips as to find out if there genuine

Thank you very much

  SANTOS7 20:47 04 Apr 04

if you are already suspect of the people you are talking to why should you suppose the information you gain about them is also true, best advice is to stay away.

  so3003 21:22 04 Apr 04

If it's too good to be true, it probably is.

Best advice is never to give out any personally identifiable information on the internet, be it your full name, address, phone number etc etc...

  Forum Editor 22:50 04 Apr 04

is based on the anonymity that the Internet provides. That's why chat rooms flourish - they often provide a haven for people who may be lacking the confidence that would enable them to relate to others in real life. Such people can enter a chat room secure in the knowledge that if they lie about who they are or what they have done nobody is likely to find out...................and that's where the danger lies. Some people are there for the companionship that such facilities provide, and to chat with others of a like mind, and there's nothing harmful in that. Others may have a more sinister motive - there's no real way to tell.

The one golden rule, as so3003 has said, is never to divulge information to anyone that would enable them to contact you or find you outside the chat room. Stay anonymous and you'll stay safe.

Never, under any circumstances, arrange to meet someone who you have chatted with - no matter how persuasive or plasible that person might sound. You'll be walking into the unknown, and arranging to meet up with a total stranger on the basis of a text-based conversation is extremely risky.

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