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changing from xp to windows 98

  derek-220674 19:52 25 May 04

I have a pc with a 2 partition hard drive it has windows xp on it, I wish to get rid of windows xp as i dont have the prgramme disc, and I want to reinstall window 98 without the partition, I have the disc for windows 98 and the start up disc. What is the correct procedure for making this change over.

  LastChip 19:55 25 May 04

Do you have any data on the hard drive you wish to keep?

If so, have you backed it up?

  cream. 20:00 25 May 04

It will depend on which filing system is on x\p, if it is fat32 then it is simple. If it is ntfs, then it will take longer and be more complicated.

To find what filing system it is got to my computer and right click the hard drive. Pick properties, under file system what does it say.

I know you don't have the disk, but I thing X\P is far better than 98.

  temp003 06:51 26 May 04

I assume you mean you want to get rid of the 2 partitons and just have one single partition?

Back up any data you need first as suggested by LastChip.

Prepare a 98 boot floppy if you haven't got one already, or download and create one from click here

Insert 98 boot floppy and restart. Choose Start without CDROM support. At the A:\> prompt, type


and press Enter.

Say yes to large disk support.

Then delete all existing partitions one by one on the hard drive. Delete the XP partition first. If your XP partition is on NTFS, it should be shown as a non-DOS partition. Then delete the 98 partition.

After deleting partitions, choose to create DOS partition. Create a primary partition, and choose to use all the disk space. After that, exit fdisk, and back at the A:\> prompt, turn off computer. Then restart computer, with 98 floppy still inserted.

This time choose Start with CDROM support. At the A:\> prompt, type fdisk and Enter again. Say yes to large disk support.

Re-check the partition information. If it accords with what you have earlier tried to do, exit fdisk.

At the A:\> prompt, type

format c:

and press Enter. After that's finished, insert 98 CD, and at the prompt, type


and press Enter, where x is the CDROM drive letter (usually either D or E).

Then type:


and press Enter to install 98.

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