Changing video settings when you can't read screen

  Imho 23:09 19 Mar 07

I'm checking out a donated machine for a charity.
The video is set at a resolution that my monitor
can't display.
Catch 22, I can't see the screen to be able to change the settings.

I may be able to write a program to edit the registry if I knew where to look.

Any ideas ?

  I am Spartacus 23:10 19 Mar 07

Can you start it in Safe Mode?

  woodchip 23:21 19 Mar 07

AS above and change it to 60hz. AS I know you are using a TFT

  Imho 23:33 19 Mar 07

Remind me again, how do I start in safe mode :)
The help system says
"When you see the message
Please select the operating system to start,
press F8."

Well it doesn't ask, and F8 does nothing.

woodchip..Now that's where *you're* wrong :)

  Imho 23:37 19 Mar 07

that F8 bit is for restarting.. but I can't do that.

Can you edit these posts after you hit

  woodchip 23:45 19 Mar 07

keep tapping f8 as it starts not press, then choose from list

  Burpie 23:49 19 Mar 07

"I'm checking out a donated machine for a charity."

just the box, no monitor supplied with the machine?

that F8 bit is for restarting.. but I can't do that."

If it's Windows XP then I agree with Spartacus and Woodchip, you should be able to start in safe mode and alter the screen res.

  Imho 00:58 20 Mar 07

Ok thanks everyone.
I can start in safe mode, but can't log in as
Administrator because someone has set the password !

As a user I set the video settings to a safe
value. 800 * 600
Refresh rate was fixed at "default".

However on restarting it made no difference :(

Burpie... as far as I know we just got the box,
but I will look into that.

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