Changing Users on XP

  russmini 09:56 30 Apr 05

Ok, just inherited a computer, and obviously it has a user account, what i want to do is change it to my name, in all places.

I managed to change it on start up, but when you go into docs & settings, still comes up with the old name, if i right click and go onto rename, i can type my name in but then comes up with the message:

***** is a windows sytem folder and is required for windows to run properly. It cannot be moved or renamed.

The reason i want to change other than to get rid of old persons name, is because, cookies etc etc all come up with ******@ bla de bla.

Hope you all understand this.


  Diodorus Siculus 09:59 30 Apr 05

Why not format / reinstall windows? Who knows what other problems may be down the road? That way at least you will have a clean machine and will know where you are when any problems arise.

  russmini 10:09 30 Apr 05

Could do, but not got XP disc and can not get one either. I have spent ages putting A/V, spyware, cleaners etc etc on here and the problem it did come to me with is long gone, and must admit it is far better than my old comp ( that everyone on here helped me with for ages ). Soon to be even better as well since i pretty much know what to go and buy to upgrade it now thanks to members on here.

So, all working fine just want to make it mine.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:15 30 Apr 05
  VoG II 10:20 30 Apr 05

click here - do NOT "sign up to see this solution" but scroll down to Accepted answer.

  russmini 22:06 30 Apr 05

Ok, thanks you pair, just got back in, so will probably have a look tomorrow / monday, depends on my work load at home !


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