Changing the 'Sender' in Outlook

  Chris the Ancien 13:25 20 Dec 07

Using Outlook 2003 - which does not allow the benefit of a macro recorder :o(( And I have googled for a macro to achieve my aims - with no success.

The background...

I have multiple email addresses coming into my Outlook. Two of those are the 'important' ones one for 'private' mail (my default, primary, account) and some 'business' email in another, secondary account - which is at the same ISP

I can govern which mails are sent out of which account by adjusting the default account setting in Tools>Email accounts ( I think).

My aim...

To find an easier way of switching 'Sender' details dependent on which sender account I want to appear the recipients received email.

Any ideas?


  VoG II 13:31 20 Dec 07

Do you need a macro for this? In the compose new message window click the Account button and you should get a 'pop-down' list of your accounts.

Or perhaps I've misunderstood...

  Chris the Ancien 13:34 20 Dec 07

While you were writing that, I found it.
Talk about a sledge-hammer to crack a walnut!


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