xptosmtbd 20:22 29 Apr 03

Hi, I have 2 comps. one running xp home and one running 98se. I oprefer to use xp home. Is it possible to put this os on the 98se machine from the discks that I got with the xp machine.....Thanks in advance Sandra

  powerless 20:26 29 Apr 03

Yes and no. Yes because you can run XP with 98 on the same machine with no problem.

But NO because you cannot have two installs of XP on different machines as this is illegal. Your best sticking 98 on the XP computer.

  xptosmtbd 20:39 29 Apr 03

Thanks Powerless, I will leave well alone, although it is a little irritating, to think that as I have PAID for both operating systems I can't change them on my own computers!!!!!do you know why it is illegal......

  powerless 21:04 29 Apr 03

You've paid for the liscense of the Operating system and within that is states that only one copy, install on the one machine.

It's called the EULA and it's very long :-(

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