changing "open with" ??

  Magik ®© 10:00 29 Jul 03

hi all, i have a programme which i loaded, it then ask me what i wanted to open it with, so i picked one out, which was "notebook" that was my down fall, it came up with a page of lines and squares..the question is, about time i hear you cry, how can i go back and try another one..


  Confab 10:02 29 Jul 03

If its a file then right click on it whilst holding down the shift key. You'll see the open with option - click on this. Then choose your application to open the file

  PirÅTë 10:03 29 Jul 03

cant you just right click it and then select open with again exept choose a different program, and if you want all of the same type of files to open with it then tick the box that says always use this to open this type of file

  Confab 10:05 29 Jul 03

It depends on what o/s you have. Some o/s's you can just right click the file with others you need to hold down the shift key.

  Magik ®© 10:08 29 Jul 03

thank you both, you have sorted it.I will get the hang of it one day....

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