Changing My IP address

  ThisNameIsMine 19:52 24 Jun 03


I am making an IP AutoModulator in VB6, basicaly it changes your IP every 5 minutes or so to prevent hackers from accessing you system. I was wondering how i go about actualy changing the IP address either from the VB6 or platform. Anyone who successfull helps me will be entitled to a free complimentary copy once its finished.



  jazzypop 20:52 24 Jun 03

The answer is at click here

I have to say, this sounds like one of the dafter 'anti-hacker' approaches I have heard of - what is wrong with just blocking ports?

What if you are in the middle of a download / email transfer / page update, when your IP address changes?

What if it changes to an address that a 'hacker' is actively scanning? What if it changes to one outside of your ISP's allowed range? I could go on.....

  ThisNameIsMine 17:02 25 Jun 03

thanks, i have actualy thought of those things you mentioned. this is not intended for actual use it is a project i have set myself. i will be sure to e-mail u a finished copy.

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