Changing MS Works 2000 to 2003

  Citrws 20:15 16 Oct 04

I wish to update my present Works program. If I input the 2003 version will it be entered as a new one or will it overwrite and update the existing one?

I wish to know so that I follow the correct procedure and do not lose a large amount of vital material.

  Graham ® 20:22 16 Oct 04

I would guess that 2003 will look for previous versions and give you some options. I can't see MS selling a product that will cause you to lose data. For example, if you uninstalled 2000 'as is', you would not lose the data, you just would'nt be able to read it.

Always worth backing up, though.

  sattman 21:26 16 Oct 04

It will just simply update, you will not be able to go back to original.

  Citrws 11:48 17 Oct 04

Graham:- Thanks for the advice I think I can now go ahead with the changes.

  Citrws 11:53 17 Oct 04

Sattman:- It is great to get two almost identical anwers to a problem. It means I can go ahead and update as required. Many thanks

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