Changing motherboard frequency speed

  ricvic 09:27 20 Jan 03
  ricvic 09:27 20 Jan 03

Belarc advisor reports my system (333 celeron, 384mb) is running at 66mhz. (Is this the FSB which I have seen quoted elsewhere?). The motherboard manual states that 100mhz is the max, 133 possible but not advised.

I'm not sure on the ins & outs of this, I have searched this site but not come to any conclusions.

My question: if I change the jumper for 100mhz is there likely to be a noticable improvement, are there any risks to so doing, and should the CPU multiplier settings be taken into account?

Thanks, as always, in advance.


  DieSse 10:07 20 Jan 03

The Celeron you have is specified to run with a 66MHz FSB.

Older Celerons are reputed to "overclock" fairly well, but as always, you would risk overheating it.

You may also have 66MHz rated RAM, which probably would not work at 100MHz. It may not work at all, or (worse) it may work but give intermittent problems.

For what little you would gain, it's hardly worth the many chances you would take.

  ricvic 10:10 20 Jan 03

THank you for your help. I'll leave well alone.


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