Changing from Linksys wireless network

  patrickbuckley 12:57 17 Jan 07

My family's two laptops, which are mainly used in the lounge, are wirelessly configured to a Netgear router in the study, using a Netgear Wall-Plugged Wireless Range Extender Kit and their own internal wi-fi connectors. However, my lounge desktop is wi-fi connected to this study router with Linksys because, prior to installing the Range Extenders, I could not get a good wi-fi signal on my desktop.
I want to replace the Linksys system and have an USB adaptor to use the same wireless network as our laptops. How do I do this and what hardware do I need to buy. Mant thanks

  FreeCell 15:05 17 Jan 07

Sorry I am not sure I fully understand what Linksys device you have and are replacing.

If you have a new USB wi-fi dongle then you shouldn't need any other hardware, assuming you have a free USB 2 port. You should just be able to use the usb dongle to connect to the Range Extender in the lounge.

Assuming XP, in Control Panel go to Network Connections icon Click once on the Wireless network connections icon and then from panel on left select View Available wireless networks. Depending on the network security settings (WEP) you should then be able to connect. If WEP has been set up then you will need to set the desktop up using the same key.

  Woolwell 15:06 17 Jan 07

I am a little puzzled by your question and my response may well prompt others (with greater knowledge) to reply too.
It would seem that you have a single wireless network originating from your Netgear router in the study and extended by the range extender kit. What is not clear is how you are receiving this wireless network on your desktop in the lounge. What is the Linksys system and why do you want to replace it? If you have a USB wireless adapator you should be able to just connect to the wireless network and not need any more hardware at all.

  Woolwell 15:07 17 Jan 07

Freecell was obviously replying at the same time.

  FreeCell 15:10 17 Jan 07

Woolwell - Great minds....

  patrickbuckley 17:55 17 Jan 07

Sorry for not making myself clear. I, in fact, have two wireless networks happening at the same time: 'Netgear' network works with the two laptops; and Linksys network (named 'buckleywifi') for the desktop. Ideally and rationally I only want one network. The Linksys wireless adapter pre-dates the Netgear Range Extenders and, although the Linksys Network Monitor picks up the 'Netgear' network, it cannot connect with it. It is configured solely for its own network. As it is a bit temperamental as well as being a second network, I want to replace with a wireless adapter/PCI card so that there is only one network i.e.'Netgear'. Thanks for the time and help you are giving me.

  Woolwell 18:29 17 Jan 07

Have to go out so cannot answer fully - but which is the modem/router? If the Linksys system picks up the Netgear network then you ought to be able to log in to it as Freecell has indicated.

  Woolwell 22:42 17 Jan 07

It may help if you give us the model numbers of the Netgear router and the Linksys system. I am still having some difficulty in envisaging your configuration with 2 networks.

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