Changing Keyboard Assignments

  ened 16:03 22 Apr 06

Is it possible to change the things the keys on the keyboard do?

I have an American keyboard and want to make the " key do @ and vice versa.

Also does anybody know if it is possible to purchase individual buttons for a Logitech board anywhere?

  wiz-king 16:37 22 Apr 06

Go into control panel / regional setting /and check the computer is set to English(UK) not to English (US) and also check control panel / keyboard and check the setting on the language tab, this should set the darn thing to work in English!

  ened 17:09 22 Apr 06

Thanks for that but it is the board.

I inadvertently bought the board on ebay without realising it is designed for the American market.

  SG Atlantis® 19:32 22 Apr 06

Sell it again on ebay. but....

Surely if you set the settings to US then all characters on the keyboard will operate as they are supposed to as it is a US keyboard?

  wiz-king 09:32 23 Apr 06

The keyboard is the the same for both, it is the computers settings that change the key assignment. If you change the computer the keys will do what you want but if you want the keys to have the correct symbol printed on them you can always use letraset to make up new key descriptions.

  wiz-king 09:53 23 Apr 06

click here thread from helproom

  labradoodle 12:21 05 May 06

I have an HP cx7010 laptop. Some of the keys have blue marked alternative use function. e.g. the letter M has a zero in a blue box next to it. Somehow I have managed to switch this function on, and do not know how to reverse it. I am thereford typing gobbledygook. I have tried HP Customer Service but without luck. Can anybody help.

  remind 12:22 05 May 06

look for a key marked `Fn` in blue, press it

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