Changing ISP's

  annabell 15:29 23 Dec 07

Can anyone help??
I recently left BT broadband and joined Sky. Got evrything set up alright except every time I click on sky broadband icon it opens through BT Yahoo!
I have tried to uninstall/delete Yahoo through control panel/add remove programs but it wont let me uninstall base components of Yahoo.
What can I do to remove Yahoo and all its associated programs off my computer so I am only using sky?

  tullie 17:07 23 Dec 07

Its in add/remove programes isent it?

  tullie 17:09 23 Dec 07

Also,why not use the browser icon instead of the Sky one?I dident install any of the sky software so never had this problem,if it is one.

  Graham. 17:26 23 Dec 07

Do you mean Internet Explorer opens (and works) but has Yahoo branding at the top?

  annabell 20:12 23 Dec 07


Yes, i think so. The yahoo toolbar is still there and the bt logo is there too.

Do I have to uninstall BT Yahoo to get rid of it.

  Graham. 23:41 23 Dec 07

You can edit the registry to remove the branding, but you should be able to uninstall the program to achieve this.

Download Ccleaner to see if it will get rid:

click here

  MCE2K5 00:27 24 Dec 07

How to remove branding in Internet Explorer 7
click here

  palinka 18:06 28 Dec 07

It's an irritation to have IE saying "IE provided by BT when you no longer use BT as your ISP; but that's all it is; it doesn't affect your use of Sky. I've just read MCE2K5's link - it seems that removing branding in IE7 is more complicated than in IE6; I'd be inclined to live with it. I lived with "...provided by Tiscali" years after I'd moved to a different ISP.
However, if that's not the problem (you say " broadband .... opens through BT Yahoo!" so I'm a bit unclear)it may simply be a matter of changing to a different web address. eg. a friend's ISP is Free-online but accessing his webmail involves a detour through Plusnet beause one now owns the other. But by noting and using the final URL that opens the Free-online site one can at least shorten the detour a little.

  Graham. 19:38 28 Dec 07

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\ Window Title

  palinka 14:10 29 Dec 07

thee are the instructions that I found somewhere (this forum?) a long time ago:
1.Gaze upon your branded logo for the last time.
2.Close all browser windows.
3.Go to Start, choose Run, and type or paste "rundll32 iedkcs32.dll,Clear" without the quotes.
4. Hit Enter.
5.Open a browser window. Jump with joy as you gaze upon your default browser branding.

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