Changing icons in 'My Computer' window

  tallboy 08:00 10 Dec 07

I have six disc partitions across two hard drives. For some inexplicable reason, three of the icons displayed in the 'My Computer' view have changed from the regular hard disc icon to some other unknonwn icon. (Three different ones)

I can't see a way to select and restore the right icon. Is there one?

  brundle 08:02 10 Dec 07

Look on the root of each drive for autorun.inf and/or autorun.ico. Delete. You may need to set Windows to show hidden or system files to see them. click here

  tallboy 09:33 10 Dec 07

Thanks for the quick response brundle. I normally run with hidden files shown. I checked the root of all three drives with the wrong icon, but neither autorun.inf or autorun.ico were present.

Any other suggestions?

  brundle 10:06 10 Dec 07

Maybe the second suggestion here; click here

  tallboy 15:11 10 Dec 07

Many thanks for the second suggestion brundle. I successfully changed the icons back to what they should be by changing the entries in the Registry.

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