changing fron D-link router to cable connection

  geedad 15 May 11

I have 2 pcs, both of which are able to access the internet. (The links are D-link and Adapter). They work fine, but I have heard that radio waves may affect young children's brains in an adverse way.Can my d-link modem be used to cable directly to the other PC, thereby eliminating the radio wave problem? Or will I have to dismantle my existing setup, and use cabling to marry both PCs for Web/Internet use? If the latter, can anyone advise how this is is done and what cables I would need, please? Both PCs are within 2 yards of each other. Thank, geedad

  Strawballs 15 May 11

That's a new one to me but yes there should be 4 network ports on the back of your router which you can use to connect your PC's to via their network ports at the back of the machines (or if laptops might be on the side) with network cables (cat5 or higher)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15 May 11

I have heard that radio waves may affect young children's brains in an adverse way

The airways have been full of radio waves for nearly a century, extensive research has been carried out for years especially before mobile phones were allow to be used and there signal strength is much higher than that produced by your router.

No proof has ever been found that radio waves adversely affect the brain but it is recommend that young children are not given mobile phones until eight years old.

Can my d-link modem be used to cable directly to the other PC,

Yes it can

thereby eliminating the radio wave problem?

No, just see how many neighbours wireless connections can be detected in your home - are you going to find where each one is and then try and persuade them to lose the convience of wireless an connect by cable connection?

Forget it, stop worrying about it.

  geedad 15 May 11

Strawballs Thank you very much.

Fruit Bat /\0/\ Thank you very much. I take your points - as usual! Let's say I WANTED to use cables instead of wireless. Do either of you know how to set this up? geedad

  Taff™ 15 May 11

This explains the posting. From todays Daily Telegraph EU RecommendationThis one rears its head again. I`m with Fruit Bat /\0/\ on this one but running cables to the router will cut out the local risk if there is one!


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