Changing file extensions

  misters 11:29 28 Jan 06

Hi i have a few files on my pc wma and i would like to change these to avi i tried right clicking then rename this doesnt work, i was wondering if theres another way of doing this?

thanx in advance

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:33 28 Jan 06

AVI - Short for Audio Video Interleave, the file format for Microsoft's Video for Windows standard.

WMA - Windows Media Audio, a digital audio file format created by Microsoft

so you cannot change audio to video.

  Monument 11:35 28 Jan 06

You can not normally just chnage an extension, you must convert from one file type to another.

In your xase you are trying to convert from a audio filetype (wma) to a video file type (avi). You will need something like this click here

  Monument 11:37 28 Jan 06

Fruit bat take a look at my link

  misters 11:55 28 Jan 06

I have files on my pc that are video cause i can watch them on media player, but when i press the properties of the file it says they are wma files i tried to burn these files onto a dvd-r but they will only burn onto a cd-r and wont playback on anything.

  misters 13:54 28 Jan 06

Are you all as stumped as me?

  DieSse 18:45 28 Jan 06

*they will only burn onto a cd-r and wont playback on anything.*

They play back on your PC don't they?

They are unlikely to play back on a domestic player (ie one attached to your TV), unless it is specified to play wma files. Some are, most aren't.

Also to play back on any domestic equipment, the CD must be *closed* or *finalised* when burning - they will never play back when open, even if the DVD player will handle wma files.

  misters 19:15 28 Jan 06

Is there anyway of changing this so that the files can be burnt to a dvd-r and playedback on a dvd player?

  DieSse 20:04 28 Jan 06

What software are you using/do you have?

  misters 16:41 29 Jan 06

The software i'm using to try and convert files is vso i have nero 7 preminium installed for burning also dvd shrink.

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