Changing e-mail password

  Abel 21:17 07 Jan 14

My e-mail account is with Recently, they say, there’s been some unusual activity on my account and for this reason they’ve asked me to change my password. All the advice given is for Yahoo whereas I use Outlook Express. Could someone help me with this problem and also where to find the OE files that need amending? My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium and I use Windows Live Mail.


  Border View 22:56 07 Jan 14

Just wondered how BT contacted you to tell you that there had been unusual activity on your email account. I only ask because I received a spoof/scam BT telephone call last week. Before the chap could get very far I hung up.

Hope someone can help you with your problem.

  Abel 23:06 07 Jan 14

Thanks Border View! BT notified me by e-mail and then it wold seem closed or suspended my e-mil account. Incidentally, it's and not BT. com.


  Woolwell 23:13 07 Jan 14

Change your password using webmail eg Yahoo and then change it on your email client. Which is it - Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail? Most likely Windows Live Mail with W7. How do I change my password

  lotvic 23:19 07 Jan 14

Sounds like a phishing email to me. Don't click on any links in the email.

  onthelimit1 08:44 08 Jan 14

A lot of BT customers around me have had this problem, and the emails seem genuine. Most have been able to reset their passwords as Woolwell suggested. A couple were unable to, but it was done quite efficiently after they rang the BT helpline - 'operative' was in India, but had good English and reset the password quickly. But yes, once that's been done, the password in the OE account will have to be changed to match the new one.

  onthelimit1 08:45 08 Jan 14

Just a sec - you say you use OE, then go on to say you use Live Mail. Which one is it?

  Abel 13:10 09 Jan 14

Thank you all very much for your usual helpful advice. Sorry, onthelimit1 it was in fact Live Mail and not OE. Also, it was quite a genuine e-mail from BT Lotvic, so all's well that end well


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