Changing cpu, advice appreciated.

  gartoye 20:01 25 Oct 05

Current specs: Athlon 1000mhz
mobo: ECS k7s5a

Hi, im upgrading my cpu, ive checked my motherboard specs & the max i can install is 2000mhz, therefore im about to buy an Athlon xp2000+ 2nd hand (apparently theyre no longer being made). Can i simply swap'em over & expect everything to be ok? This was the case when i upgraded my RAM & then upgraded again to ddr RAM (mobo takes both types). I didnt have to install any additional software, unlike changing the graphics card or adding a usb pci card etc. According to sisoft sandra my bios is old and should be updated, yet on my bios's website they say do not flash your bios if it works fine, so i havent bothered. Will this have an impact if i swap cpu's?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:10 25 Oct 05

Have same board in old PC.

change CPU and see if it automatically detcts it and runs at correct speed if not the attempt to change speed in BIOS.

If unable to get upto correct speed only then attempt to flash the BIOS.

  gartoye 20:13 25 Oct 05

many thanks fruitbat willdo, its the only part of my pc i havent changed!!!

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