Changing Connection Settings on XP

  david58 19:08 06 Apr 05

I run XP home on a Duron 1300Mhz machine. I have McAfee Virus scan and Zone Alarm installed. I have Broadband.

For some time now my IE connection settings change with each reconnection. Instead of my home page appearing I get the white 'not known at this address' page. I have to click on tools/internet options/connections and change the setting from 'never dial a connection', back to 'Always dial my default connection'. I then press 'Home' I am once more connected to the world.
Does anyone know what causes this to change EACH TIME I log off. I scan regularly for viruses and so can only assume it must be a Microsoft setting, which is responsible.

Any thoughts oh wise ones?

  Jak_1 21:43 06 Apr 05

Could be a spyware problen, try running AdAware, spyboy and CWShredder. Have at look in control panel > Internet Optins and see what you home page is set to. If it is different to what it should be then it is almost certainly a 'Startpage hijack' spyware problem. In which case AdAware should solve the problem.

  DieSse 00:26 07 Apr 05

There's possibly another program changing the setup (not the home page - that's a dfferent issue).

It could still be spyware though - so try Adaware and Spybot and MS AntiSpyware to start with.

A program TSADBOT.EXE which comes with some shareware programs can also cause this. Do search for it, and try deleting it.

Some ISP supplied connection programs can also cause it - if this is the case there's little you can do except contact them.

  Yoda Knight 08:10 07 Apr 05

Install the MS antispyware prog - it asks for your default settings, and then checks them and restores them whenever you need to access the internet.

It should also find and remove whatever Nasty is causing this, but if not also try adaware and spybot (google for them)

  david58 11:18 08 Apr 05

Thanks all.

y homepage never changes and I regularly use Adaware, usually finding one or two progs, which I delete.
I searched for TSADBOT but didn't find it.
The funny thing is that it doesn't always happen. I've just connected perfectly for example. This inconsistency could indicate that it might be a spyware program which isn't always there, I suppose.
Perhaps I'll make a list of which spyprogs I have when it does it.
Anyway, thanks a bunch, I just wanted to make sure it wasn't a regular problem with a common program which would be easy to fix.
I'll let you know if I solve it.

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