Changing the clock...chestnut?

  geoff47 23:20 31 Mar 03

Sorry sure I read somewhere.....the problem at least...should have taken more notice of the solution?
My clock is now fast by one whole hour,was installing Linux at the change over hour,so expect there was some duplication of the automatic changes....?
But cant re adjust the is greyed out.
What should I do? barring move to another time zone.
Thanks already Geoff32
whooops nearly did it again.
Windows 98se for my helpers that enough?

  woodchip 23:33 31 Mar 03

In windows double click the clock icon in the system tray change the numbers in the box you cannot turn the fingers without

  geoff47 23:48 31 Mar 03

Sorry Woodchip, as I said it is greyed out...cant make any adjustments.
The arrows up/down dont work...clicking inside the box to delete the whole time doesn't work.
No adjustment can be made from would seem....unless someone knows more than me,and that goes without me please.
Like the popups it is irritating,but I cant alter this irritation.

  woodchip 23:52 31 Mar 03

Run SFC from Start\Run box type SFC and put your Win98 CD in the comp replace any corrupt files it finds

  Djohn 00:01 01 Apr 03

Once you have opened up the clock settings, then highlighting them should enable you to change them. I also remember reading a thread some time back where the up/down butons were greyed out, but if you click on them they still work.

This seamed to be a problem with some versions of win 98, and/or the Plus pack being installed. give it another try, it just might work. J.

  DieSse 00:19 01 Apr 03

Have you tried - in the date and time properties window, click on the actual hour - so the cursor is on it - then try the change arrows.

  DieSse 00:20 01 Apr 03

Otherwise - go into the BIOS at start up, and change the time there.

  geoff47 00:22 01 Apr 03

NO go Djohn....tried every variation....wont highlight...wont alter if clicked.
Even tried Woodchips solution...but dont know what or where to find the files.
Will try again and will be back...aint pc's a joy?

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