changing to broadband but email address ??........

  richardkms 18:02 20 Jun 05

I'm with Wannado Anytime and have an email from the year dot which is used everywhere - to change it would be undoable ! They tell me that the email address is automatically put into a pay as you go dial up account when I leave but now I'm upgrading to a broadband account elsewhere which will be the best way (and fastest) to access the emails?
Are there broadband isp's who offer this collection service or is staying with Wannado the best thing to do? I'm sure there are other isp's with a better deal - does anyone have a suggestion ?

  keith-236785 18:23 20 Jun 05

if by pay as you go you mean that there is no charge for the service and you just pay for the time online through your phone line then there is no reason why you shouldnt keep the account open and setup outlook express (or whichever e-mail prog you use) to check both your new and your old account.

On NTL, during the change from dialup to broadband you can keep the same e-mail address but you have already said that isnt possible.

it seems you have three choices

1, upgrade with the same isp.

2, do as i suggested above if your dial up is a free one (no monthly charge)

3, ditch the old e-mail address, upgrade to BB and start afresh (not a good option)

  CLONNEN 19:08 20 Jun 05

There is no reason why you can't continue to use your Wanadoo email address. Just go into Outlook Express and change the outgoing SMTP settings to the SMTP of your brand new broadband account. All other email settings remain the same as they were before. eg. I still use my old Supanet DialUp email address under POP3 setting and SMTP set to Virgin broadband

  richardkms 19:10 20 Jun 05

yes, you are right. The pay as you go term was for the dial up and pay type as you realised!
But the thing is that I work on a laptop set up on a wireless network so plugging in a line to use dial up facility (nominal payment incurred)so like this the freedom of wireless roaming is spoilt for a while. I'm sure the broadband with wanadoo will give access right away but i could find a better deal elsewhere i'm sure.

  richardkms 19:16 20 Jun 05

that is it!! Of course !!

ps now about those alternative isp deals elsewhere......................... any good ones anyone for broadband?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:19 20 Jun 05

You can access your e-mail off the wannado home page.

Just log in to on your BB connection type in username and password in the box at the top of the page to get your emails no need to connect to PAYG

  keith-236785 19:38 20 Jun 05

Fruit Bat /\0/\, good point m8 i had forgotten about webmail.


as stated, you dont need to actually plug in a telephone cable to check the mail, just set it up in outlook express and it will check while connected to the wireless BB, only downside is that you cant send mail from your dial up account unless you actually dialin (unless CLONNEN's suggestion does work) but at least you can check your incoming e-mails via wireless BB. (and by doing this you also let your contacts know your "new" e-mail address, after some time you will find you are using the old e-mail address less and less and will finally come to a point where it is viable to change it for good to the new one.

good luck

  jolorna 19:52 20 Jun 05

to send mail you can download and use a program called postcast server click here

  Completealias 23:16 20 Jun 05

Not to hijack the thread but my mate is also thinking of changing from wanadoo dialup to broadband on a different ISP.

We were having the discussion about email addresses the other evening and I thought that the wanadoo email address you get is with your wanadoo account and therefore would be canceled when you move from wanadoo as your ISP or is this not the case?

  woodchip 23:41 20 Jun 05

If you have all the details I cannot see why you cannot get E-Mail With Broadband It does all mine that I had with Dial-Up

  Completealias 23:48 20 Jun 05

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