Changing bios setup drive order

  greybeard 19:49 25 Mar 08

Faced with a possible memory problem on a laptop, I wanted to change the order in which the bios boot up looks at the different drives in order to run a memtest86+ program.
I went into setup, and successfully produced the change I needed in another system that I was using to check the method. All OK so far.
However because the laptop doesn't boot up anyway, I have no way of checking what its current boot order is.
I can move the hdd to another laptop, and it occurred to me to wonder where the boot order sequence is *actually* located. Is it in the bios chip, or is it in a small sector on the hdd ?
If the latter, I could change it when I've migrated the hdd to the second laptop, then move it back.
The reason I thought of this possibility was finding that the boot order I found when I moved the hdd over to the working laptop didn't match the drives available !
The bios set up gave Diskette, followed by hdd, then none. But this laptop didn't have a floppy drive, so I started wondering.
If anyone can follow this ramble, and know what I'm talking about, I should be very grateful for enlightenment on the location of the boot drive order.


  bobbybowls 19:58 25 Mar 08

the boot order is in the bios.
when you say it is not booting do you mean in to windows, or not booting at all.
i cannot check my laptop as i don't have it here at the moment, but i suspect the boot order would be cd/dvd then hard drive.

  greybeard 21:17 25 Mar 08

Not booting at all.
Just for clarity, or not(!), the first laptop, which has both fdd and cd player, and is the one I can't boot up, has a working hdd, that I inserted into the second laptop which doesn't have an fdd (nor currently a working hdd, but that's a different issue).
When I then went into the bios settings of the second one for the first time, I was surprised to see that the boot up sequence was "Diskette/hdd/none".
This would have made sense for the first laptop, but not the second.


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